"In order that man shall be
happy upon the Earth, it is
necessary that it be peopled
with good spirits, incarnate
or discarnate, who desire
only good. This time has

- Allan Kardec,  
In Genesis, Chapter 18, item 27


“A spirit is more
impressionable during
childhood, when the
impressions it receives
more easily mold its
personality and therefore its

The Spirits’ Book
by Allan Kardec, q. 383


“Do as the good gardener
does: Cut off all the defective
shoots as soon as they
appear on the tree. If you
allow selfishness and pride
to develop, you shouldn’t be
surprised, later on, when you
are rewarded by

The Gospel Explained by Spiritism,
chapter XIV, item 9
2017 SPYC Program
    SPYC Fall 2017

Topics for Children
  • God and home & Prayer
  • Cooperation
  • Lessons about God's love

Topics for Youth
  • Technology and Spirituality
  • Why do we go to the Spirit Center?
  • How non-religious and/or non-spiritual people can be good
    individuals and practice charity?

Oct 7    Youth kick start by visiting the Ronald McDonald Foundation
Oct 14  Youth
Oct 21  Children
Oct 28  Youth

Nov 4   Children
Nov 11 Youth. Collecting shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child.
Nov 18 Children

Dec 2    Youth
Dec 9    Children
Dec 16 Children and Youth together. Special Christmas lesson.
Dec 23 Youth visit to Ronal McDonals Foundation

Past Program

SPYC TEENS (12-15y): 3rd and 4th Saturday of the month

Teens will discuss some important topics and learn how to deal with
them by taking the Spiritist teaching approaches.

February 21:  Family Ties
February 28:  Formation of a Family: Spiritual and Material Plane
March 21:       Beginning of a New Life
March 28:       Adolescence, an exciting time in Life
April 25:          Relationships: Friendship and Dating
May 16:           Sexual Energy and Evolution
May 23:           Parents and Children: an eternal bound of love
May 30:           Outreach Program: Ronald McDonald House
June 20:         Vices and Problems in the Family
June 27:         Practicing Virtues at Home
July 19:           Summer Camp. Topic TBD


Family Ties
The students will understand that the family is a group of spirits that
are together by their affinity and tendencies and are connected by
previous existences. The teenagers also will understand that it is in
the home in which we start our path towards evolution and they will
recognize their dynamic role in their very own family.

Formation of a Family: Spiritual and Material Plane
The adolescents will learn that the family originates from the spiritual
plane and all its members reincarnate to develop a constructive task
on Earth, including the mission of parenthood. Also, the goal of this
session is to awake in the youth the understanding that it is the family
group in which we can get the necessary help for our spiritual grow.

Beginning of a New Life
The teenagers will have the opportunity to learn how a new life comes
into the family with the help and support of spiritual mentors
(reincarnatory plan). They will also see what the importance of
childhood is in their own lives and how they can have a loving
relationship with younger siblings.

Adolescence, an exciting time in Life
In this session, the students will comprehended that adolescence is
part of the physical and psychological development of the human
being and, that home is the best and most efficient school to educate
the soul. We will also highlight the importance of the pineal gland
during the adolescence period and how the decisions that we take in
this period of our life will affect our future existence.

Relationships: Friendship and Dating
Teenagers will have the chance to see how having friends and dating
is necessary for the emotional development of the individual. They will
understand that we need to educate our emotions in order to have
healthy relationships and that when we established relationships we
are submitted to the law of action and reaction as well to spiritual

Sexual Energy and Evolution
The goal of this session is to discuss with the teenagers how sexual
energy is a resource from to the law of attraction in order to perpetuate
the Universe. Sexual energy is inherited to life itself and its
fundamental to build the family institution. The students will be aware
that vigilance and responsibility are two main components to channel
sexual energy in a constructive way.  

Parents and Children: an eternal bound of love
In this class, the youth will value parenthood as a sublime mission for
the incarnate spirits. They will also meditate about the Christian
behavior at home, especially during challenging times for parents and
children. The students will see that it is through the exercise of
patience, resignation and fraternal dialogue that true bonds of love are

Vices and Problems in the Family
Family is a school of life and its members need to learn how to
navigate good and challenging times. In this session the teenagers
will discuss about difficulties in the family, including vices and how
they represent opportunities for evolution. It is through the common
effort of true love that the family overcomes obstacles and its
members conquer their own limitations.

Practicing Virtues at Home
What is the antidote for our lower tendencies? Practicing virtues! The
students will discuss about how passions, when they are under
control are “like useful horses” – according to Allan Kardec- “but
dangerous when it obtains the mastery.” The teenagers will review
some virtues and how they can practice them at home.
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