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This double CD set contains Divaldo Franco's seminar "Understanding Spiritual and Mental Health"
which happened on March 12, 2004, in the city of Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
This is the first audio CD of a Spiritist seminar in the English Speaking language.
The seminar covered a psychiatric analysis on the endogenous and exogenous causes of mental and
spiritual disturbances (depression, anxiety, phobias, schizophrenia); a review on its pharmacological
therapeutics, and an analysis of spiritual intervention and other effective psychotherapies. It beautifully
describes the Spiritist view of the psychological and spiritual disturbances, as much as it gives us a clear
idea of its approach to eradicate its causes and effects.

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    This inspirational project was sponsored by the SSB and "The Mansion of the Way"
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This profound and brilliant seminar, Understanding Spiritual and Mental Health, also generated a
bilingual book (English and Portuguese, 'Compreendendo a Saúde Espiritual e Mental') that will be
launched in this event.
If you prefer the book format, this is also a great opportunity to have it autographed by its author, Divaldo

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Therapeutic Visualizations - Health - CD is a unique material brought by the spectacular mediumship
of Divaldo Franco. His spirit-mentor, Joanna de Ângelis, gives us this spiritual tool to find pathways to
balance and health. "
Meditation becomes an effective way to discipline the will. It facilitates patience which
helps you to conquer every day the lower tendencies that disturb you. Meditation is an imperious necessity
that imposes itself before any realization. In the meditative state, you calm down your emotions and clarify
your discernment, harmonizing your feelings
." (Excerpts extracted from the book Moments of Meditation, by Joanna
de Ângelis, psychographed by Divaldo P. Franco)

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"Self-Discovery, an Inner Search, can certainly be considered a masterpiece on the Spiritist
Psychology. Its spirit-author, Joanna de Ângelis, through the admirable hands of Divaldo P. Franco, brings
the reader what could be considered a doctorate thesis in the topics of human psyche, its disturbances and
deepest causes, as well as effective therapeutics for Humanity’s greatest problems.
It also summarizes a variety of theories in the field of Psychology and Psychiatry combining them with the
Spiritist View of the human being and life. Moreover, Joanna de Ângelis undoubtedly develops Allan
Kardec's works."

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