Spiritist Workshop
Exercises on Emotional Balance
by Vanessa Anseloni, PsyD, PhD

In this new century, emotional and social intelligence have become the new frontier in
healthy relationships, starting with the self. Many relationship problems can be solved
when we raise the level of our emotional balance. But, where and how are we to learn it?
As much as intellectual intelligence, our emotional and social intelligences need
training and education as well. Spiritism can offer a wonderful program
to help us blossom at those levels.
Come and get to know of it as we present practical exercises on emotional balance!  
Saturday, Nov 28, 2009
6pm – 7:30pm
22 W Padonia Rd.- Padonia Plaza
Suite B-317
Timonium , MD 21093
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Free Admission
Talk followed by Passes*

(Fundraising Organic Dinner at 7:45pm)

*Passes is a Spiritist therapeutic technique used to  foster
spiritual balance and healing.

Month of God Consciousness
For more information:
Phone: 410-382-5328

Sponsored by Spiritist Society of Baltimore, Inc.
This event will be LIVE webcast at 6pm Eastern Time US.  
A live stream will be available +/-10 min before the event starts.  
To watch it, just click on one of the following links:
SSB -  www.ssbaltimore.org/webcast