1.        You will have 45 minutes to develop your topic (see program below).
2.        Be objective and focused on the Spiritist teachings of Genesis. During that time, you are
representing both the Spiritist thought and the SSB.
3.        Please, do not preach. The definition of talk is “a discussion presented in an informal or
conversational manner”, plus we are not there to lecture or convert anyone to Spiritism. On the
contrary, we are sharing our Spiritist studies in an invitational manner, also because we have a
long way to master our own inner growth.
4.        You can use PowerPoint slides or any other audiovisual that you need.
5.        After your talk, entertain some questions, if any, from the public.
6.        Make your talk dynamic by interacting with the public as you propose an activity. Here go a
few examples of activities:
a.        Brainstorm
b.        Read a short text together
c.        Criss-cross puzzle
d.        Present a short scene (5 min max) of a movie that correlates to the topic
e.        Tell a story
7.        Mention at least one non-spiritist book or idea that presents similar ideas to the Spiritist
topic to which you are referring. For example, if talking about reincarnation, you can mention Dr.
Ian Stevenson’s books. This will be an exercise to find the universal control of the Spiritist
teachings, as stated by Allan Kardec in the introduction of The Gospel Explained by Spiritism.
Remember that we are being prepared to talk to a non-spiritist audience that has already heard
similar teachings that were labeled with different names other than Spiritism.
8.        You will be responsible for setting up and breaking down the conference room.
9.        After questions, explain about our services on passes and invite pass-givers to help.
10.        After the final prayer, please announce our next events or activities of the week.
11.        Your talk will be recorded for two reasons: (1) to help you improve your speaking skills, and
(2) to possibly be webcast.
12.        Be open to receive feedback from SSB board of directors.