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A tribute to the 140th Anniversary of Genesis, the fifth book of the
Spiritist Codification
Summer Talks
June 5            1            Character of the Spiritist Revelation                      Daniel
June 12          2            Existence of God                                                   Becky
June 19          -             
Movie Discussion: The New Medicine        
June 26          -             
Sacred Healing Music Concert                         Angelika
July 3             3             The Good and Evil                                                Alba
July 10            -             
Book Discussion:A New Earth (by Eckhart Tolle)   Vanessa     
July 17           10           Organic Genesis                                                   Fabiana
July 24           11           Spiritual Genesis                                                   Leonardo
July 31           12           Mosaic Genesis                                                     Luis
August 7        13, 15     Miracles According to Spiritism                              Vanessa
August 14      14           Fluids                                                                     Celia
August 21        -            
Book Discussion                                                TBA
August 28      16-18      Prophecies in the Light of Spiritism                       Vanessa
GENESIS by Allan Kardec   -   buy this Book at the SSB bookstore or online
Miracles and Predictions According to Spiritism
The book Genesis was published in Paris on January, 1868, with the original title: Le Genèse et les
Predictions Selon le Spiritisme.

Spiritism is a result of the collective teachings given by the Superior Spirits. They used science to
explain the Genesis in accordance to the Natural laws. God proves its greatness and power through
unchangeable laws and not through the annulment of them.
Date         Chapter                  Central Theme                                  Speaker
Special Activities
Movie Discussion:
The New Medicine -
June 19
Sacred Healing Music Concert
by Angelika - June 26
Book Discussion:
A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle - June 10
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