1- Opening Ceremony:  

Empowering Ourselves As We Revisit The History Of
by Mauricio Cisneiros (CSSC of FL) and Jussara Korngold (SGNY)
2 - Panel Discussion:

The Spirits’ Book, the Tree of Life
Four speakers will briefly summarize each of the four parts of
The Spirits’ Book, in 20 minutes.

The Spirits' Book, Part I:
God, the Universe and Us - Sonia Doi  (AKSS - MD)

The Spirits' Book, Part II:
Spiritual Life, the true life - Daniel Benjamin (AKES)

The Spirits' Book, Part III:
Guidance for all - Daniel Assis (Blossom Spiritist Center - CA)

The Spirits' Book, Part IV:
Hopes and Solaces - Elza D'Agosto (Love and Light - NJ)
3)  Posters Sessions: (during coffee break)

Unfolding the Spiritist foundation

Posters on the main principles of Spiritism
-Existence of God - Judith Peterschmidtt (AKSS-MA)
-Immortality of the soul - Marcone Vieira (AKSS-CT)
-Reincarnation - Carolina Stronsnider (SSB-MD)
-Multitude of the Inhabited Planets - Luis Almeida (SSB)
-Communication of the Spirits - Ezio Oliveira (SGR-GA)

Posters on the books of Kardec
-The Spirits’ Book - Flavio Zanetti (AKSSMA)
-The Mediums’ Book - Akemi Adams (Blossom)
-The Gospel According to Spiritism - Julio Carvalho (SCDL)
-Heaven and Hell - Joao Korngold & Elmo Delandes (SGNY)
-Genesis - Junara Araujo (SGNY)

Ten posters will simultaneously be presented to the public. Attendees
will be free to walk around and read the posters as they interact with
their presenters during coffee break.
4) Round Table:

The impact of Spiritism in my life
(Speakers will share their testimonials with the public)

- Ronny La’Mar (SGD, CA)
- Gregory Stewart (AKSS, MD)
- Becky Stafford (SSB, MD)
5) Closing Ceremony:

Engineering Our Future with Spiritism
by Vanessa Anseloni (SSB)
Youth Activity:
Finding Myself in the New Era
(12 to 18 years old)
with Nahur Fonseca (AKSS of MA)
and Eduardo Vasconcellos (AKSS of NY)
Saturday - April 14, 2007 - 12pm - 5pm at Pier 5 Hotel (Inner Harbor) - Baltimore, MD 21202
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Tribute to the 150 years of Spiritism