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Spiritist Council
United States
Spiritist Council
"For where your
your heart will be
your heart will be
Jesus Chirst
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About SSB
The Spiritist Society of Baltimore was created in October 1998 in the city of Baltimore,  
Maryland. It was finally incorporated in 2002. We are committed to spread the Spiritist
teachings as means to raise spiritual awareness in our community. We also welcome
everyone without distinction as to sex, race, religion or nationality. The SSB is affiliated
with the United States Spiritist Council (USSC).
The Spiritist Society of Baltimore Inc. is an educational non-
profit organization. Our goals are the education and the
instruction of all those who are interested in learning and
practicing Spiritism based on Allan Kardec’s works.
Therefore, we study the relationship between the material
world and the spiritual one in order to better understand
the purpose of life.