January 31 The Spiritist Thought and
"The Spiritist Thought is universally controlled."
In this workshop, we will:
-Revisit mankind history and identify the spiritist
phenomena in the lives of renowned scientists,
philosophers, prophets and also other men of genius;
-Understand the importance and purpose of the spiritist
thought to our individual lives.
July 17 –   Special Talk

Spiritism: My Saving Grace
by Barbara Paulin
February 21 – God and Us
"An axiom in science states: There is no effect without a
This enlightening workshop will cover the following topics:
-Our existence and its meaning as we are a part of the
-The Supreme intelligence of the Universe and its
-The Universe and its elements: spirits and matter;
-The cosmic Principle and the Vital principle
-How these concepts harmoniously intersect with the latest
scientific findings
August 08 – Special Talk

Unfolding Our Spiritual Nature: Path of Harmony
by Raul Teixeira
March 20 – To be or Not to be a Spirit
"Spirits can be defined as the intelligent beings of creation."
Who are we? What is our true nature?
Who are we? What is our true nature?
Who are we? What is our true nature?

In this fascinating workshop we will cover the following:
-Origin and Nature of Spirits
-The immortality of the soul
-Our spiritual body, the perispirit
-Progression of Spirits
-Aim of Incarnation
August 28 –  Spiritual Treatment
“Whether in the world or in the beyond, there are many
requesting assistance.”
In this workshop, we will cover the:
- Causes and effects of spiritual disturbances;
- Means of preventing and eradicating spiritual
- Mechanisms of the Spiritist Spiritual Treatment and the
Fraternal Counseling
April 03 – Reincarnation: Our many lives, Our
many opportunities
"In order to achieve perfection the soul needs the trials of new
physical lives."
This workshop will shed light on the topics:
-Purpose of reincarnation
-We always progress, never regress!
-Physical and Psychological Likeness in family
-Reincarnation as means of strengthening family ties.
September 18 – Photography of the Thought
"Thought is Life." - Emmanuel
In this inspirational workshop, we will work on the following:
- Understanding yourself by studying your thoughts
- The Mecanhisms of Life: Thought and Will
- Thought: its definition, anatomy and physiology
- The Law of the Mental Field
- Finding true healing by transforming thoughts
April 24 – Past lives, Past memories
"Every action, every thought is stored in the perispirit."
We will cover the following topics:
-Mechanisms of memory storage in the spiritual body
-Innate ideas and Impulses
-Present and Past Causes of Suffering
-Forgetfulness of the past
-Past Life Therapy
October 16 –  America and its role on Earth's
"By studying the characteristics of various countries, or of
any human grouping, it is easy to get an idea of the invisible
population that partakes of their lives and actions."
In this marvelous workshop, we will cover the following:
- Each nation has a spiritual and a material role
- Spirit guides and mentors are assigned to guide nations'
through the fulfillment of their mission
- The United States of America's role and mission on Earth
- Our share in America's achievement of its mission
May 15 – Sleep and Dreams
"The spirit is never inactive. The bonds connecting it and the
body loosen during sleep."
This interesting workshop sheds light on the following:
-Emancipation of the soul
-Sleep and dreams
-Visits between the spirits of incarnate people
-Transmission of thought
-Lethargy, catalepsy: apparent death
-Trance and second sight
November 13 –  Astral cities: Our spiritual homes
"The spirit-world is like a great city where individuals of all
ranks and conditions see and meet each other...As in a city,
circles are formed by similarities in tastes, and good and
bad spirits share the same space without having to interact."
Allan Kardec
In this workshop, we will understand more about:
- The spirit life
- Time between reincarnations
- Organization of the spiritual cities
- Linkage between the material and the spiritual cities
June 05 – We are never alone
“We incorrectly imagine that spirits only reveal themselves
through extraordinary phenomena.”

In this workshop, we will cover the following topics:
-Guardian Angels,
-Guardian Angels,
-Mentors and Spirit-Guides
-Spirit-intervention in our daily events
-Obsession and Disobsession
Decembe 04 – The Spiritist View of Jesus, the
"Without prejudging anything of the nature of Christ, let us consider
him as nothing other than a superior spirit, - one of those of the
highest order..."
This profound and inspirational workshop brings us a deeper
understanding of  Jesus, the Christ. The following topics will be
- His nature
- Jesus, as a Man
- Jesus, as the most extraordinary Medium
- The Role Model of Moral Perfection   
- The Christ's Mission
June 26 – Our mediumship, Our Sixth Sense
"Communication between the spirit world and the corporeal
world is in the nature of things, and has in it nothing
supernatural. Traces of its existence are to be found among all
nations and in every age; they are now becoming general and
evident to all."
In this workshop we will study the mechanisms of
mediumship and the profound and serious purpose of it
as a mean of humankind progress and evolution.
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