July 26 - Our Mediumship, Our Sixth Sense  
"Communication between the spirit world and the corporeal world
is in the nature of things, and has in it nothing supernatural.
Traces of its existence are to be found among all nations and in
every age; they are now becoming general and evident to all." In
this workshop we will study the mechanisms of mediumship and
the profound and serious purpose of it as a mean of humankind
progress and evolution.

August 30 - Who is afraid of death?
"Through the lenses of Spiritism we can look at death peacefully,
as we prepare ourselves to face it."
This workshop will address the following questions:
What happens after physical death? Do we keep our individuality?
Do we keep thinking? Can we communicate with our loved
ones?  Can we visit them?

September 27 - Our Principles: From Worship to Preservation
"All laws of Nature are Divine Laws. Those laws were written in
our consciousness"
In this workshop we will revisit the conception of good and evil
and the natural laws: worship and the amazing effects of prayer;
the necessity of work and its limits; preservation and destruction
as laws of Nature.

October 25 - Our Family: The Unique Cell to a Better World (SOS
"Social interaction is necessary to evolution, and family ties are
the basis for life in society."
This rewarding workshop will cover the following topics: Family
ties; Life in a family; Marriage; celibacy; divorce; parents and
children; obstacles to reproduction; reincarnation plan.

November 22 -  Health and Spirituality Seminar -  Invited
Speaker: Prof. Raul Teixeira (click here)

December 13 - Hopes and Solaces
"When a person becomes spiritually minded, she raises herself
above the illusory wants created by material desires; and she
experiences, even on this earthly plane, the enjoyments the
materially minded person cannot conceive of."
-Present and Past Cause of Sufferings
-Earthly joys and sorrows
-Antipathetic Unions, fear of love, disappointments, ingratitue,         
loss of loved ones
-Future Joys and Sorrows
-Neurobiology of Optimism and Homeopathic Psychology
January 25 - The History of the Spiritist Thought: New
Perspectives to Our Lives
"The Spiritist Thought is universally controlled."
In this workshop, we will:
-Revisit mankind history and identify the spiritist
phenomena         in the lives of renowned scientists,
philosophers, prophets              and also other men of genius;
-Understand the importance and purpose of the
spiritist                  thought to our individual lives.

February 22 - The First Cause of the Universe and Ourselves  
"An axiom in science states: There is no effect without a cause."
This enlightening workshop will cover the following topics:
-Our existence and its meaning as we are a part of the Universe;
-The Supreme intelligence of the Universe and its Creation;
-The Universe and its elements: spirits and matter;
-The cosmic Principle and the Vital principle
-How these concepts harmoniously intersect with the latest
scientific findings

March 29 - To be or not to be a Spirit: Revisiting Our True Nature
"Spirits can be defined as the intelligent beings of creation."
Who are we? What is our true nature?
In this fascinating workshop we will cover the following:
-Origin and Nature of Spirits
-The immortality of the soul
-Our spiritual body, the perispirit
-Progression of Spirits
-Aim of Incarnation

April 26 - Reincarnation: Our Many Lives, Our Many Opportunities
"In order to achieve perfection the soul needs the trials of new
physical lives." This workshop will shed light on the topics:
-Purpose of reincarnation
-We always progress, never regress!
-Physical and Psychological Likeness in family
-Reincarnation as means of strengthening family ties.

May 31 - Our Integral Memory: Get to Know about Ourselves
"Every action, every thought is stored in the perispirit."
We will cover the following topics:
-Mechanisms of memory storage in the spiritual body
-Innate ideas and Impulses
-Present and Past Causes of Suffering
-Forgetfulness of the past
-Past Life Therapy

June 28 - Sleep and Dream: Our Meaningful and Short-lasting
"The spirit is never inactive. The bonds connecting it and the
body loosen during sleep." This interesting workshop sheds
light on the following:
-Emancipation of the soul
-Sleep and dreams
-Visits between the spirits of incarnate people
-Transmission of thought
-Lethargy, catalepsy: apparent death
-Trance and second sight
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