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Science without religion
is lame, religion without
science is blind."

- Albert Einstein
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of the SSB's
These workshops are held monthly on Saturdays from 6pm to 7:30 PM
at the following address:
* For children activities please see SPYC site Here
with Vanessa Anseloni, PsyD PhD

The 2010 Special workshop series will be in tribute to
Chico Xavier's centennial and his legacy
January - 30 - The Missionaries of Light
Learn the secrets of rebirth. Get to know about the Enlightening missionary Spirits who are in
charge of reincarnations. Inspirational and truly transformative.

February - 27 - ... And Life Goes On
Enchant your heart with   one of the most compelling accounts of the afterlife.

March - 20 - 2nd Peace and You with Divaldo Franco: Emotional Balance

March - 27 -
Gaining Emotional Intelligence in Many Lives
Come listen to the history of those who experienced two subsequent lives to learn the priceless joy of love.
This workshop is based on the spiritual novels  Two Thousand Years Ago and 50 Years Later by Emmanuel /
Francisco C. Xavier.

April - 3 - Learning with Chico Xavier: The Medium of All Times
by Vanessa Anseloni

May 8 - Have I Chosen My Family?   by Leonardo Vieira and Vanessa Anseloni

May -29-  Healing Relationships  by Vanessa Anseloni

June 5 - Thought an Will by Carol Strosnider

June - 26 -  Boosting Your Will Power with Paul and Stephen
by Vanessa Anseloni

July  - 31 -   Understanding Spiritual Surgeries Vanessaby Anseloni

August - 14 - The Evolvement of  Our Emotions by Vanessa Anseloni

September - 25  - Coping with Cancer in the Light of Spiritism
Vanessa Anseloni and Selenia Shepard

October -30  - Coping with the loss of loved ones by Celia Batista

November 13 - Inter-Faith Forum on Mediumship:
Sixth Sense: Our 21st Century Educational Achievement with Raul Teixeira

November - 20 - Human Paranormality by Celia Batista

December -11 - Happier Times with Jesus' Unheard Stories by Vanessa Anseloni,
Selenia and Steve Shepard

December - 18 - The Universe and Life: Important Spiritual Aspects
Prof. Alvaro Vannucci