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Science without religion
is lame, religion without
science is blind."

- Albert Einstein
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of the SSB's
These workshops are held monthly on Sundays from 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM
at the following address:
* For children activities please see SPYC site Here
with Vanessa Anseloni, PsyD PhD
January 31 - Hope: Pathway to Healing  by Vanessa Anseloni
“Nature would not bestow upon man hopes and aspirations that are never to be accomplished.”
– Leon Denis

February 28 - Calibrating Your Mental Health with Spirituality by Luis Almeida
This workshop will review the scientific and Spiritist perspective on mental health.  It will empower
participants to a greater sense of well-being by giving practical tools for daily exercises.

March - 21 - Boosting Our Self-Esteem in Times of Crisis by Vanessa Anseloni
Self-Esteem is a measure of mental health. Thus, a healthy self-esteem is the essential
foundation for a How can we keep it up during these times of crisis? This workshop will address
this question in a moving and uplifting way.

April- 25 - The Spiritual Forces of Our Well-Being  by Vanessa Anseloni
This inspirational workshop will cover an unprecedented understanding on the Law of
Repercussion; Action and Reaction; Mental Darts; Spiritual Network; Morbid Zones; and several
Spiritist teachings to achieve optimal well-being.

May-23 - Have I Chosen My Family? How?  by  Vanessa Anseloni and Alba Morales
This workshop will empower all who are open to a new understanding on family ties.  Dynamic and
joyful, the speakers will enchant your heart with hope and tools for a fulfilling family life.

June - 27 - MEDIUMSHIP IN OUR DAILY LIVES  by Raul Teixeira and Vanessa Anseloni

July  - 25 - I love myself, I am addiction free  by Vanessa Anseloni
There are many types of addiction from physical to emotional-spiritual ones. Very likely, the
actual crisis is a snow ball of addictions. Come and get to know more about how to empower
yourself, your family, and your community! This workshop will bring tools for a loving and freeing

August - 30 - Protecting Ourselves from the vibrational effects of wars
           by  Jorge Godinho Nery
In this workshop, Mr. Nery will unveil unprecedented information on the spiritual effects of wars
while sharing integral insights on how to protect ourselves from the pernicious vibratory effects of
the current wars.

September  26 - Family Nourishment
We will only leran to nourish ourselves properly when we work on it together in our families.
The spirit of collaboration and teamwork arethe ultimate frontiers of the 21st century in human

October 31 - Sex, Spirit Influences, and Destiny
by Vanessa Anseloni, PsyD, PhD
Come and Learn about spirit influences, sex, and our destiny.
Also, Join our Halloween gathering with a special organic fundraising dinner.

November 28 - Exercises on Emotional Balance  by Vanessa Anseloni
In this new century, emotional and social intelligence have become the new frontier in healthy
relationships, starting with the self. Many relationship problems can be solved when we raise the
level of our emotional balance. But, where and how are we to learn it? Though emotional and
social intelligences require training as intellectual intelligence, Spiritism can offer a wonderful
program to help us blossom at those levels. Come and get to know of it as we present practical
exercises on emotional balance!  

December 26 - Strengthening  ourselves with Jesus’ Parables
Discover the deep meaning of the Master's teachings in his amazing parables. They contain true
fortifiers of the soul!
We will offer emotional-spiritual exercises based on his universal teachings.