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Science without religion
is lame, religion without
science is blind."

- Albert Einstein
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of the SSB's
These workshops are held monthly on Sundays from 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM
at the following address:
* For children activities please see SPYC site Here
January 27th - Annabelle: A Child on the Way - by Beti Rozen and Peter Hays
A child chooses her family before she is born and a new adventure begins. Annabelle is the child
that exists in all of us.

February 24th - When generosity rules out fear - by Vanessa Anseloni
Learning the true meaning of generosity opens new doors to a fearless life. Exercises on
generosity will be provided.

March 30th - Controlling the 7 emotions that eat your heart out

April 27th - Knowing the Ropes on Earth’s Destiny
Get to know of our destiny while instructing ourselves on our planet's course of evolution
in the spiritual and material levels.

May 18th - Spirituality in Pregnancy
This workshop will cover: (1) underlying mechanisms on a successful re-birth; (2) how to
transform prenatal traumas into opportunities; (3) visionary tools to boost our reincarnation
through spiritual pregnancy. This workshop shall also contribute
to our transition into a better society.

June 29th - The New Generation: Spirituality for Children
The central objective of the workshop is to deepen our understanding of our children, youth, as
much as ourselves. Dr. Anseloni introduces practical teachings combining findings from The fields
of Neuroscience, Psychology and Spiritism. Based on her recent book (The New Generation The
Spiritist View on Indigo and Crystal Children) written with the internationally Renowned medium,
speaker and educator Divaldo Franco, Dr. Anseloni will cover topics such as:
- Understanding Indigo and Crystal
- Indigo Children and ADHD
-The New Generation on Human Brain
- Cases on Indigo and Crystal Children
- Visualization for the New Generation and their mission
The outcome of this experience shall change the way you view your children, society and yourself!

July 27th - The Spiritual Foundation of America
"America's founders initiated a divine contract when they created this nation. One that honors the natural
laws of the human spirit.
" - Carolyn Miss in "The Sacred Contract of America".

This uplifting workshop will offer new tools to understanding yourself while unveiling the spiritual
mission and foundation of the lands that you inhabit, the United States of America. Get to know
the Spiritist View on America!

August 31th - The teen inside of us
Rediscover yourself in this workshop as it provides a new understanding on adolescence according
to the Spiritist View. Combining psychological, neuroscientific and spiritual views, Vanessa Anseloni
will help participants understand why adolescence is such a special phase in our lives. The Spiritist
approach will enlighten the minds and lives of parents, educators and bring a new path to a
fulfilling adolescence. Practical tools on a spiritually guided adolescence will also be offered. The
highest note will be on the reconciliation with the teenager inside of us.

September 28th - Smile, your greatest therapy
"Peace begins with a smile." - Mother Teresa
What are the spirit-mind-body connection in a smile? Is it possible that practicing smiling more
often we may enlighten ours and others' lives as well?
This workshop will bring the neurobiological and psychological underpinnings of smiling, while
bridging it up with Spiritist teachings regarding Spirit connections and solutions for a fulfilling life
for all.

October 26th - The Therapeutics of Mediumship from A to Z
“We are all mediums,” concluded Allan Kardec, the unparalleled Spirit phenomena researcher.  
The implications of such fact are profound in our lives. This workshop will unveil the Spiritist view
on Mediumship while unfolding its therapeutic features. Educational exercises will be provided to

November  23th - E-Z Kit for Healthier Relationships
This workshop will bring a multidisciplinary view to empower you and your relationships as you
learn hands-on spiritual tools to make your relationships healthier.

December 21th - Keeping an eye on miracles
“There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a
miracle.” – Albert Einstein
In this workshop, we will unfold the Spiritist view on miracles and how it can change our lives.