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Science without religion
is lame, religion without
science is blind."

- Albert Einstein
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of the SSB's
These workshops are held monthly on Saturdays from 7:30 PM to 9:15 PM
at the following address:
    22 W Padonia Road - Suites 317-321
    Lutherville Timonium , MD 21093

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* The SSB also provides activities for Children (4 years old and above), while parents are at the workshop!
January 27th - The spiritual nuts and bolts of youth
- by Vanessa Anseloni, Psy.D., Ph.D.
This deeply interesting workshop will open new understanding on adolescence according to the
Spiritist View. Combining psychological, neuroscientific and spiritual views, Vanessa Anseloni will
approach will enlighten the minds and lives of parents and bring a new path to a fulfilling

February 24th - Spiritual tools to overcome relationship struggles
-by Vanessa Anseloni
Who doesn't have relationship struggles? In this workshop, you will find the reasons why they may
happen, based on a multidisciplinary view. Empower yourself as you learn hands-on spiritual tools
to overcome problems in relationships.

March 31st - The Spiritist ABC’s of anxiety, stress and depression
by Vanessa Anseloni
The Spiritist view brings a multidisciplinary view combining Sciences and Spiritual knowledge.
Empower yourself as you get to know more about the roots and spiritual tools on anxiety, stress
and depression. Dynamic presentation with exercises and visualization with participants.

April 28th - Reincarnation, path to freedom
Living and Learning. This workshop will be a great opportunity to know more of the therapeutic
process in each reincarnation. Vanessa Anseloni,
PsyD, PhD, will also  bring the Spiritist View on
- Special Reincarnations - Reincarnation and Evolution - Genetics and Reincarnation - Family Ties
- Children's Education

May 19th - Astral cities, our spiritual homes
"The spirit-world is like a great city where individuals of all ranks and conditions see and meet
each other... As in a city, circles are formed by similarities in tastes, and good and bad spirits
share the same space without having to interact." -
Allan Kardec

In this workshop, Vanessa Anseloni will explain about:
- The spirit life
- Time between reincarnations
- Organization of the spiritual cities
- Linkage between the material and the spiritual cities

June 30th - Feeding the body and the soul
Combining the knowledge of Spiritism with scientific findings, this workshop will provide new
insights on how to see a new perspective and take a new approach in order to take better care of
ourselves. Spirit-Mind-Body connections will be explored. The center point of the workshop is on
the teachings of empowerment to facilitate needed changes in our lives. Because “
the key is to
change our habits, and in particular, the habits of our mind
.” (Pema Chörön)

July 28th - The dynamics of our sixth sense
Inspired in the book The Dynamics of Our Sixth Sense by the renowned Spiritist medium Divaldo
Franco, this workshop brings hands-on information and practical insights on the power of our
minds and its infinite abilities to perceive the world within and around us. In this venue,
mediumship is presented as a therapeutic tool for humanity’s greatest problems.

August 25th - Spiritual influence: who is in control?
This workshop will provide deep explanations and practical tools to live harmoniously under the
spiritual laws of life. Get to know more about the dynamics between the spiritual and the physical
worlds. Many disturbances in our lives are caused by our unawareness of this reality. On the other
hand, many blessings come due to this marvelous interaction. Empower yourself as you learn how
to be in control of your life.

September 29th - Sleep, dreams and the whole nine yards of the soul’s
"The spirit is never inactive. The bonds connecting it and the body loosen during sleep." – Allan Kardec.
This fascinating workshop combines scientific findings with the Spiritist teachings to shed light on
the dynamics of  sleep, dreams and their roles in our lives. Therapeutic techniques will be taught
for the ones who are looking forward to have a good night of sleep while fostering their spiritual,
intellectual and emotional progress.

October 27th - Decoding the Bible with a Spiritist key
The Bible is one of Humanity’s most precious spiritual treasures. However, due to its many
different translations, it has become - for many - an uncodifiable safe. Now, Spiritism sheds light
on the many mysteries and misinterpretations of the Bible. The Spiritist view of biblical concepts
such as sin, salvation, heaven and hell, survival of the soul, reincarnation, communication with
spirits and others will be unfolded in this deeply spiritual workshop. Join us in this liberating

November 17th - Environmentally savvy, Spiritually wise
“Nature is the book of God.” – Emmanuel/Chico Xavier
Our planet Earth is experiencing one of its greatest and most significant transitions of all times. It
is a transition that happens at both physical and spiritual levels. The interconnection of both is
greater than one can imagine. Tsunamis, earthquakes and other physical happenings are parallel
expressions of the transformation of our dear planet. Come and join us in this spiritual expedition
to raise our awareness on our interconnection with all kingdoms of nature and the urgency in
getting ecologically involved

December 15th - Learning with the Masters, making the difference
“Do not to follow in the footsteps of the wise. Seek what they sought.”  – Matsuo Basho, Japanese poet
God in His infinite wisdom has sent many spiritual masters to the Earth. The need for spiritual
masters is inherent in humankind. In this last workshop of 2007, come and join us in getting to
know how many spiritual masters have lead their enlightened lives, despite the challenges of
human conditions on Earth. The highlight will be the Spiritist View of spiritual ascension. The
friendly atmosphere of the SSB will support your process of discovery.