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Get to Know
Allan Kardec
These workshops are held monthly on Saturdays from 7:30 PM to 9:15 PM at the following
                   SpiritWorks Resource Center
              1300 York Rd Building C Suite 3000
               Lutherville, MD 21093       
Resource Center
* The SSB also provides activities for Children (4 years old and above), while parents are at the workshop!
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"Science without religion
is lame, religion without
science is blind."
Albert Einstein
Get to know the Spiritist view and approach about this new generation. Learn also the practical  
guidelines to deal with them.
“The New Generation and the changes it will bring on social relations:
charity, fraternity, kindness towards all, and tolerance to all beliefs. Such will be their motto.“
-Allan Kardec (from the book Genesis)

Vanessa is Neuroscientist and Assistant professor at UMB, president-founder of the Spiritist Society of
Baltimore, She is also a fifth-generation Spiritist, medium and lecturer in the U.S.

Feb  25- Adolescence and Spirituality (by Vanessa Anseloni, Psy.D., Ph.D.)
This deeply interesting workshop will open new understanding on adolescence according to the
Spiritist View. Combining psychological, neuroscientific and spiritual views, Vanessa Anseloni will
help participants understand why adolescence is such a special phase in our lives. The Spiritist
approach will enlighten the minds and lives of parents and bring a new path to a fulfilling

Mar  25- Sex and Destiny (by Vanessa Anseloni, Psy.D., Ph.D.)
In this workshop, you will get to know of: - the interesting and consoling view of Spiritism on
- reincarnation as the greatest therapeuthic tool to harmonize sexuality- the inner powerful and
creative force within yourself

Apr 29- Healing Through Reincarnation (by Vanessa Anseloni, Psy.D., Ph.D.)
Living and Learning. This workshop will be a great opportunity to know more of the therapeutic
process in each reincarnation. The following topics will also be approached, according to the
Spiritist View:
- Special Reincarnations - Reincarnation and Evolution - Genetics and Reincarnation

May 20- Parenthood for Modern Times (by Vanessa Anseloni, Psy.D., Ph.D.)
“Those incarnated in the same family, especially as close relations, are as often as not,
congenital spirits linked by past relationships, which express themselves during their earthly lives
by their reciprocated affections.” - Allan Kardec  
Get to know the Spiritist view and techniques for a successful family life!

Jun  24- Forgive and be healthier… but how? (by Luis E. Almeida, MD,PhD)
“Forgiveness is both a decision and a real change in emotional experience. That change in
emotion is related to better mental and physical health.” - Everett L. Worthington, Ph.D.

July 29-  Am I a medium? How? Why? (by Vanessa Anseloni, Psy.D., Ph.D.)
“Devoted mediums are those who understand that the true medium has a mission to fulfill, and
that he/she must be ready, when necessary, to sacrifice his tastes, habits, pleasure, time, and
even his worldly interests, to the good of others.” -The Mediums’ Book by Allan Kardec, item 197

Aug 26-  Evolution in Two Worlds: Material evolution driven by Spiritual
(by Vanessa Anseloni, Psy.D., Ph.D.)
An enlightening workshop on a harmonious blend of scientific and spiritist views regarding our
origin and destiny. After all, we are destined to progress. This progression happens in two planes,
the physical and the spiritual one. Dive in this journey of self-discovery!

Sep  30- A Medical/Psychologic-Spiritist View of Depression (by Vanessa Anseloni, Psy.
D., Ph.D.)
This workshop will review the history of depression, its causes, symptoms and types from the
Medical, Psychological and Spiritist points of view. Tools to prevent and/or treat depression will
also be discussed. Dynamic presentation with exercises and visualization with participants.

Out  28 Do Spirits influence our lives?  (by Vanessa Anseloni, Psy.D., Ph.D.)
Get to know more about the dynamics between the spiritual and the physical worlds.  Many
disturbances in our lives are caused by our unawareness of this reality. On the other hand, many
blessings come due to this marvellous interaction. This workshop will empower you with new

Nov  18- Aging Well
“And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.” - Abraham Lincoln -
Is it possible to age well?  Does good diet and exercise suffice? Can spirituality rejuvenate us?
All these questions will be addressed by Vanessa Anseloni,
PsyD, PhD, who will bring both the
scientific and the spiritual views of aging in an inspirational and dynamic workshop.

Dec  02- Who is my model?
Do not to follow in the footsteps of the wise. Seek what they sought.”  – Matsuo Basho, Japanese poet
This will be the last workshop of 2006 SSB Workshop series. Come and join us to celebrate a wide-
ranging exploration of knowledge and tools for leading a truly spiritual life, as Vanessa Anseloni,
PsyD, PhD leads us to understand what the wisest women and men of the Earth have sought. The
friendly atmosphere of the SSB will support your process of discovery.
of the SSB's