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In May of 1855, Hippolyte Léon Denizard Rivail first witnessed the turning tables phenomena, and instantly
understood that the communication between Spirits and mankind implied a science of profound moral
consequences. He realized that in those phenomena laid the key to humanity’s problems past and future, and
the solution he had.

To study these phenomena rigorously and systematically, Rivail applied the scientific method. He questioned
the Spirits about God, the invisible world, and the destiny of mankind on Earth. Upon realizing the materials
obtained from his researches were extensive and encompassing, Rivail published these findings for the benefit
and instruction of humanity. He was, however, unaware of the magnitude of the work he was performing: a
doctrine capable of impacting and transforming the world.

The first revelation as to the nature of his mission came in April of 1856 through the Spirit Zefiro, and was later
reiterated by the Spirit Hahnemann. The Spirit of Truth confirmed it to Rivail on June 12, 1856, explaining the
significance of his mission, warning him of the arduous work of pioneers, and informing him that the publishing
of books alone would not be enough:
"You must expose yourself."

Rivail, not dismayed by the challenges presented to him, accepts the task entrusted to him without hesitation:
"Lord! You Who have cast Your eyes upon me for the fulfillment of Your ways, let Your will be done! My life is in
Your hands; use Your servant at Your will."
With this approach of conviction and faith, the distinguished
educator Rivail gives way to the notable Allan Kardec, who brings to fruition on earth the Doctrine of the
Comforter promised by Jesus.

On October 3rd of this year of 2004, upon the celebrations of the Bicentenary of Allan Kardec’s birth, the
Spiritist Review, founded by him, renders tribute to the Codifier of the Spiritist Doctrine – the body of
knowledge that laid the foundations for the building of a new era for the regeneration of Humanity.
Special Edition
EDITORIAL - The Spiritist Review (Special Edition)
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