You have needs and expectations that result from the mechanics of the Laws of
progress which compel you to evolve.

Not only you, but also all the living beings in the universe have such needs, though in
different degrees.

When dealing with others, try to understand them, and do not force them to live
according to your personal outlook.

By so doing you shall never be disappointed. Neither will you fell defrauded of your

Everyone acts according to his own stage of spiritual growth.

If you regard your friend as someone in need of understanding - someone you must
not take from, but give to - you will not want to bind him to your emotional demands,
but will want to help him grow and unfold spiritually.

This may sound difficult to do, but consider how you would like others to do unto you,
and do likewise unto them.

When jealousy, grief, or rebelliousness seeks shelter within you, pray so that you may
gain understanding to consider that, like yourself, all other persons are students in the
school of life.

Be patient. Be gentle.

Forgive the errors of others, and help them to resettle themselves.

Expand your latent capacities of wisdom, love, and service to those still in the
rearguard, and also try to understand those who moved ahead, surpassed you, and
have perhaps forgotten you.

Never place your personal needs and expectations above those of others. For it may
well be that you - being spiritually orientated - have already learned to act properly.

But they might have not learned yet.   

Joanna de Angelis
Inspirational message by Divaldo Pereira Franco from the book Child of God.
Your Brother and You