To be tired of life is a serious problem. Weariness is not caused by hard work or unrest,
but from a sick state of mind.

It is usually a mixture of silent revolt, dissatisfaction, and ill-will; it hampers your evolution.

Remove this shroud of unhappiness that afflicts you, assume control of your aspirations
and restore your spiritual strength.

Change the rhythm of your activities, and give yourself new motivation.

Take off this cloak of indifference that envelops you.

Life is always forcing you into changes that foster your spiritual growth;
sometimes because you lack discernment, you may adopt an attitude which
generates unpleasant consequences. Nevertheless, such an outcome may work
on your behalf because it will shake you out of the apathy which might
have been burdening your mind.

Every good action performed conveys a peculiar stimulus that renovates and
pacifies those who give themselves up to it enthusiastically.

From moment to moment, step by step, working and serving, you will feel rested,
and a good disposition will help you act prudently and wisely.

Keep on making constant changes in your life, for they will push you forward,
and create a more objective, and more dynamic state of mind which will help you act wisely.

Meet every new day with a cheerful disposition, knowing that you can be a useful
tool to carry out the work of God. He bestowed limitless resources on you
so that you may reach your goal, if only you will release yourself from the
unhealthy mood you call weariness.

Joanna de Angelis

Inspirational message received by Divaldo P. Franco from the book Child of God