To be able to live in harmony with others you must behave suitably.

A person who is able to get along well with others has developed a sense of cooperation, and has
learned to give and take.

The rule for good human and social relationships is made of small and simple acts of consideration
to others.

If you really wish to live in harmony:

-   try to be patient. Haste disrupts friendship. It exerts pressure upon others, and imbalances the

-   keep all your moments well in order so that you neither experience restlessness or anxiety,
because this will lead others into instability.

-   learn to wait. Your turn will come when the time comes.

-   be charitable; everyone needs help.

-   use your word to lift up the tired ones, and encourage them to go on. Do not criticize or make
fun of anyone.

-   be gentle. A compassionate heart is an island where happiness dwells.

-    be devoted. Let your life expand; do not limit it. In a distraught world such as the one we live in,
every bit of love is a ray of light piercing through the darkness, and showing the way.

-    Remove your inhibitions, cast out your fears and limitations. Let your love pour outward upon
your neighbors.  

If you trust in the power of goodness and cooperate with it, you shall find the way to a harmonious
relationship with yourself, and with others.

Joanna de Angelis
Inspirational message received by Divaldo P. Franco from the book Child of God