You have unsuspected dormant potentialities waiting to be quickened into action,
but you still tarry in the shadows of spiritual ignorance.

Now and then you sense the inner power, which lies awaiting inside you.

Jesus used His inner powers to teach us how to use such powers.

He soothed the wind, and appeased the sea.

He healed the sick, and rescued the troubled souls.

He multiplied the loaves and the fishes for the hungry, and satisfied those who
longed for truth.

He illumined the Earth without diminishing his own light.

You have a powerful inner Christ in you, who is all yours, but you keep him tied
up inside hampering his action.

Let this Christ work through you.

He is harmony, and you are dissonance.

He is love, and you are want.

He is light, and you are shadow.

He is life, and you wrestle with death.

If you let this Christ act through you, you will be able to repel the morbid thoughts,
which contrive negative actions.

Your inner world is your reality. Because Christ is within you, you will be renewed,
and your latent potentialities will have a chance to flow and help you
to carry out your personal program of life and peace.   

Joanna de Angelis
Inspirational message received by Divaldo P. Franco from the book Child of God