Peace in You

Peace is very important.

Governments impose it by fomenting wars, exerting pressure, and subjecting people to bondage.

Therefore, peace is negotiated in private offices and then maintained under arms, through fear.

Such peace comes from without, and is disturbing because it is unreal. It is legal, though not always
It is similar to swamp waters: clear and placid on the surface, but murky and poisonous at the bottom.

Such is the peace of the world: fleeting, and deceptive.

Real peace comes from within a cheerful heart and an understanding mind which acts, and trusts.
It is achieved within an atmosphere of love and devotion, because the harmony which kindles the
dynamics of a flourishing life derives from a conscience illumined by Divine Laws.

Such peace is permanent and is never disturbed.

It constrains not, imposes not.

Each person must strive to achieve it. It is an outcome of one’s well-directed actions, and it fosters
noble ideals.

To discuss peace or crusade for it is not enough.

But if you focus your mind on peace, think about peace, and act pacifically, you will externalize
peace from your inner self, and then it will surround you and reach whoever comes near you.

So, may peace on Earth be your uttermost goal, and through constant prayer may it work outwards
as an answer from God.

When you pray for peace, a tender feeling pervades you, and Love – which radiates from God –
averts any conflict that might disturb you.

Peace within you will further peace in the world.   

Joanna de Angelis

Inspirational message by Divaldo Pereira Franco from the book Child of God.