Heir of God

When considering your divine ancestry, have you realized you are an heir of God?  

He created the Universe and Life. His work is enriched with wisdom and beauty – and just for
love – He made you part of all these marvels, endowing you with the possibility of enjoying all
His riches.

As a natural heir, you have access to all His wealth.

As a child of God, you are also a legitimate heir of the sublime ideals which will help you to
expand your spaces, to understand the mechanism of life, and to solve its challenging

You must be receptive to divine thought which permeates everything and everybody, so that
you may absorb it and put it into action.

All the power and wealth of God are within your reach, but you must develop faith and
confidence to be able to make free use of it.

You must also make a personal effort to waken and unfold your dormant capacities, which will
teach you to use all this power constructively and with integrity.

All the things you think you want are not necessarily important. The essential for life is the
wisdom to live properly and to be able to obtain not only what you want, but also the fullness
and abundance you are entitled to, as an heir of God.

If you dwell too long in spiritual childhood you will not be able to dispose of all the richness of
life, because you will not know how to use it.

But as you grow spiritually, you will have access to all the bounty of Creation. For as a child of
God you are, therefore, His fortunate heir.   

Joanna de Angelis
Inspirational message by Divaldo Pereira Franco from the book Child of God.