God’s presence insures peace, enhancing strength to face the daily problems of life. His
presence, though subtle, is powerful and works like a dynamo generating energy to
recharge the batteries of your soul, your mind and your body, keeping them balanced and
ready for action.

As disease results from an unbalance in the molecular fields – which are responsible for the
functional harmony of the cells – health is fostered when the divine current of energy flows
regularly through the system, maintaining the cohesive functions of such particles.

With God in your life fear gives way to courage, and courage promotes well-being and inner

The evocation of God dispels worries and ensures serenity and confidence.

The presence of God annuls bitter and depressing memories, and clarifies your mind with
hope for happiness.

In God you find the light to help you think correctly, and discern clearly to be able to speak
wisely and act with precision.

With God anything is possible. A person’s health, success, or his own personal needs are all
provided for by God, because God is power.

So, when you have done your best and still you have not obtained the expected results, do
not despair, but wait a little longer. For it might well be that either the timing was not right, ot
the granting of your wishes would not be the best for you.

So, let God’s will be done, and never be discouraged.

Joanna de Angelis

Inspirational message received by Divaldo P. Franco from the book Child of God