G O D   C A N

You may have had to meet with all sorts of abuse from childhood:
- you may have been told you would always be a nobody;
- your most sacred aspirations may have ended in failure;
- you may have been surrounded by all sorts of difficulties and suffering;
- you grew up bitter and shy, seeing all your dreams crumble to dust.

You may sometimes think: “they were right”, those who had predicted you would amount to

Even now, as an adult, you may still hear harsh criticism that confuses you and makes you feel
desperately unhappy.

You are probably a victim of such events because you are reaping the consequences of the pride
and indifference that once marked your character in past lives.

But both you, and your enemies from past lives have forgotten the power of God. For God has
equipped you with everything you need to overcome every adverse situation and to attain your
goal. Because you have ignored the power of God, you left behind the power of love and became
a shadow in a shadowy world.

Nevertheless, remember that God can do anything. He can help you out of the shadows and into
the open of a liberating clarity.

When you feel dejected, God can give you courage to begin again.

When enfeebled by a karmic illness - resulting from past-life errors, God can make you recover.

If you are stunned by negative powers, God can liberate you so that - through love - you may
acquit yourself.

In whatever situation you find yourself, open your heart to the Father. Seek, so you will achieve

Remember: God can do anything!

Joanna de Angelis
Inspirational message received by Divaldo P. Franco from the book Child of God