The Gospel states that we should be indulgent with the faults of others, but strict with our own.

To achieve self-illumination we must keep a firm attitude of alert day-to-day watchfulness
over our own actions.

When we understand that earthly life is intended to be an uplifting experience, it is only natural for us to
learn a great deal through losses which will turn into gain, because of the reaction they will create.
Aware of such a reality, you must be tolerant with the faults of others, be indulgent within your social
circle, and wherever you are. Although you must not accommodate to your own weakness you should
not be too harsh on yourself.

When you fail, do not brood over your faults, and do not vitalize your errors by concentrating upon them.

When you fall down, pick yourself up and start over again. You are an ever-unfolding soul temporarily
enrolled in the school of life. Each step forward leads on to a higher level. If you are pleased with
yourself, and stagnate, you delay your spiritual liberation. If you become bitter and depressed
because you have made a mistake you will also hinder your march.

But if you acknowledge your personal limitations and understand your own mistakes, you will find it
easier to forgive others.

When right, proceed; when wrong, forgive yourself, reconsider your actions, and move on.

A loving person must love himself too. If you are tolerant with yourself, you will be stimulated to
proceed along the spiritual road of progress, and your actions will be more and more efficient and
your deeds nobler.  

Joanna de Angelis
Inspirational message by Divaldo Pereira Franco from the book Child of God.