Enthusiasm is fundamental to life. Like the sun it fertilizes everything.

Without enthusiasm the bright scenery around you fades away, and dark shadows blot out the light of knowledge.

Enthusiasm stimulates and renovates.

When enthusiasm wanes, your interest ebbs away, and you plunge into anxiety and bitterness.

An enthusiastic person spreads optimism around, stirs up effort, and leads to activities that create progress and
ensure success. On the other hand anyone who loses his enthusiasm becomes gloomy and depressed.

Life is packed with problems, and this must be so because they are part of the process of evolution. So, it is only
normal for failure and tragedy to walk side by side with success, happiness and joy.

Always meet your problems with enthusiasm. Whatever happens to you - good or bad - move on with enthusiasm,
leaving misfortune behind.

To dwell too long on the mishaps of life will only vitalize them, and create a mental atmosphere of pernicious effects.

When anything unpleasant happens to you, do not avoid the opportunity to continue working with enthusiasm.

Forget yesterday, and wait for a happy tomorrow.

It is stimulating to meet someone who walked past all difficulties, left sadness behind and moved on. His example
will stand as a light to illumine the pathways of others.

Be you one such messenger of happiness just by keeping your enthusiasm.

Joanna de Angelis
Inspirational message received by Divaldo P. Franco from the book Child of God