To Instruct and To Transform

My Dear Friends:

In truth, it is necessary to instruct so as to clarify.
But, likewise, it is vital to transform so as to redeem.
Instruction empowers.
Transformation saves.
Theory prepares.
Practice bears fruits.
By teaching, we influence.
By doing, we demonstrate.
Whosoever teaches, enlightens.
Whosoever edifies, is that very light.
To instruct effectively, it is necessary to reach wisdom through the mind.
To transform succesfully, it is essential to follow love through the heart.
Teaching, though, is not enough.
It is imperative that we ourselves become living lessons.
Thoughts to guide and enlighten.  
Feelings to understand and help – always.
Let us not limit ourselves to the merits of words alone.
Let us seek, with the same enthusiasm, for the benefits of acting.
Culture improves.
Work sanctifies.
Hermes, Zarathustra, Confucius, Siddharta and Sócrates were great
and venerable instructors who revealed the path to us.
Jesus Christ, however, bringing together the lesson and the example, is
the Wise and Loving Master who teaches us to walk it.

Source: Xavier, Francisco Cândido. Vozes do Grande Além, Diversos Espíritos. 4.ed., Rio
de Janeiro: FEB, 1990, cap 31. p 127-128.