Prayer of Caritas

God, our Father, who is all-powerful and goodness,  
please provide strength to he who is experiencing pain and anguish.
Give light to he who seeks the truth,  
and fill the human heart with love and compassion.
God, please give the traveler the star that guides,
solace to those in pain, and
rest to the sick and weary.   
Father! Give the guilty repentance,  
the spirit the truth,
give the child guidance,  
the orphan a father.  
Lord! Let Your goodness encompass  
everything that You have created.

Clemency, my God, to he who does not know You.  
Hope to he who is in pain.
Let Your Will allow the consoling spirits to
spread peace, hope and faith everywhere.  

God! May a single ray of light, a spark of  
Your divine love blaze the Earth.
Let us drink from the fountain of that infinite and fruitful goodness
and all tears will be dried
and all pain lessened.
A single heart, a single thought  
will rise to You,  
like a cry of gratitude and love.
Like Moses on the mountain,  
we await You with open arms,
Oh Almighty! Oh Greatness!  
All Powerful, All Beauty! All perfection!  
And we wish in some way to receive your mercy.
God, give us the power  
to help progress  
that we may rise up to You;
Give us pure charity,  
give us faith and reason,  
give us simplicity that
will make our souls the mirror in
which Your image should reflect.