Phase I

    Rules and regulations for Coordinators and Monitors

The Roadmap Program for the Spiritist Study and Practice focus on the sole goal to promote the study
and practice of Spiritism, while contributing to the formation of a team of Spiritist practitioners at the
Spiritist Society of Baltimore, Inc.
It welcomes everyone to participate to its meetings without distinction to sex, race, religion or nationality.  
Each meeting comprises of a 1 1/2 minutes hour-study session in this phase 1. Coordinators and
monitors will work together in order to fulfill two major responsibilities: (1) to guarantee each participant’s
study and understanding of Spiritism as contained in Kardec’ books; (2) the organization of the meetings
according to the course master’s instructions. The course master may appoint coordinators and/or
monitors that will take turns in the conduction of the meetings. It is essential that each coordinator-
monitor pair follows the rules and regulations contained herein in order to guarantee an optimal level of
achievement from participants. Monitors will essentially assist the coordinators in each assignment as
well as in the preparation of the room, prayer and spiritually magnetized water distribution.

Each coordinator-facilitator shall:

1.        Be committed to the two major responsibilities stated above.

2.        Prepare the study theme days in advance.

3.        Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the study session.

4.        Be in charge of the room set up.

5.        Welcome participants and begin the study meeting with a prayer. Take attendance at the beginning
of the meeting.

6.        Contact the course master after each meeting with an oral and/or written progress report.

7.        Please, also report ideas and/or concerns to the course master at (410) 382-5328 or

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