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Sacred Healing Music Concert
with Angelika
“Angelika’s music speaks directly to the soul, to our divine
essence.  Many listeners comment on the extra-ordinary
healing energy flowing through her voice and music and
have reported seeing a host of divine beings when she
sings. This music transcends mere entertainment,
touching a deep spiritual chord within.”  
                                                                      K. Guadalupe, CSUS
THRUSDAY, June 26, 2008
7:30pm – 9pm

22 W Padonia Rd.- Padonia Plaza
Suite B-317
Timonium , MD 21093
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(to defray the costs)
Angelika is an internationally acclaimed
singer, song-writer and recording artist
who dedicates her life to uplift, inspire and
heal through the gift of her music. Her
songs of different languages and cultures
open hearts and point back home to the
one source of all paths and ways of
worship. The vibrational quality of
Angelika’s unique, handmade stringed
instruments, and her angelic voice inspires
a meditative state and sacred space
without effort and is at the same time a
joyful celebration of life. Since 1991
Angelika has been giving concerts at
retreat centers, churches, schools, private
homes, conferences and  benefit/special
events world-wide with her independent,
Inter- faith Music Ministry. Her CDs will be
Special workshop
The New Generation: Spirituality for Children
with Vanessa Anseloni
On Sunday, June 29
10:30am – 12pm  at SSB Center
The central objective of the workshop is to deepen our understanding of our children, youth, as much as
ourselves. Dr. Anseloni introduces practical teachings combining findings from The fields of Neuroscience,
Psychology and Spiritism. Based on her recent book (The New Generation The Spiritist View on Indigo and Crystal
Children) written with the internationally Renowned medium, speaker and educator Divaldo Franco, Dr. Anseloni
will cover topics such as:
- Understanding Indigo and Crystal
- Indigo Children and ADHD
-The New Generation on Human Brain
- Cases on Indigo and Crystal Children
- Visualization for the New Generation and their mission
The outcome of this experience shall change the way you view your children, society and yourself!
Free Admission
Workshop followed by Passes* and fundraising lunch

*Passes is a Spiritist therapeutic technique used to  foster
spiritual balance and healing.

There will be children activities
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before the event starts.  To watch it, just click on one of the following links: