Training on Passes
In this special training, we will cover the
. following topics:

  • Introduction to the Spiritist Science
  • The Science of Passes and Allan Kardec
  • Human Anatomy
  • Spiritual Body or Perispirit
  • Spiritual Fluids
  • Vital Centers or Chakras
  • Mechanisms of Passes
  • Types of Passes
  • Phases of Passes
  • Other types of Spiritist fluidic therapies
  • Who can become a pass-giver
  • Instructions for pass-givers
  • Mental Hygene
  • Preparing a team for Spiritual Treatments
  • Demonstration on passes and practical
  • lessons will be offered throughout the  
Passes is a Spiritist therapy in which a
medium and/or spirit source gives spiritual
energies or vital fluids to a patient. It is a
therapy of love and compassion offered
completely free of charges.

Thursdays, Sep 14 and 22, 2006
7 pm - 10 pm


(Please, be on time)

SpiritWorks Resource Center
1300 York Rd - Bdg C, 3 floor
Lutherville, MD
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If you have any questions or comments, please give us
a call at
(410) 382-5328.
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