Special Talk:
Death and Spirit Life
According  to  the  Spiritist  Doctrine
by Sonia Doi
This talk will focus on the meaning of death according to the Spiritist Doctrine compared to death seeing from the material
point of view. It will address the issue of why we have this instinctive fear of death. In addition, it will discuss how some
scientists from the past have explained death as a transitional process, and how more modern scientists are facing evidence
of the existence of a spirit life. In summary, this talk will emphasize what we have learned from the Higher Spirits through
Kardec’s books about death and the spirit life.
Saturday, Aug 6th, 2005
7:30 PM to 9:00 PM

SPIRITWORKS Resource Center
1300 York Rd - Building C, Suite 300
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Free Admission!!!
(No registration required)
Professional background:  MD, PhD, currently occupying a position of  Associate Professor of Medicine at the
Uniformed Services University,  Bethesda, Maryland

Spiritism background: familiar with Spiritism since childhood, began studying Spiritism in a systematic manner
in 1990 together with a group that latter founded the
Allan Kardec Spiritist Society of Maryland. Currently
occupying the position of Doctrinal Director of the AKSS of Maryland.
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