by Peter Hinderberger, M.D., Ph.D.  
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Thrusday, April 21 2005
8 PM - 9:30 PM
222 Pine St - 2nd floor
Multi-Purpose Room 245
Baltimore, MD 21201
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This event is a part of the new campaign launched by SSB: I love myself, I am
drug-free. The SSB has a broader definition of what is a Drug. It
encompasses anything that can harm either our physical body (chemical
substances, junk food, etc) or our spiritual body (selfishness, anger, pride,
gossip, hatred, etc).
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Addiction in the Light of Spiritual Science
Many people suffer from addictions. These addictions vary from alcohol, legal and illegal
drugs to gambling, sex and tabacco. Genetic as well as socio-psychological factors are
disposing elements. Neurotransmitters are maintaining them. In this presentation we are
exploring the deeper meaning of addiction beyond the physical realm: What do addictions
do to the sublime members of our human organism, our etheric, soul and spirit?