The Spiritist Society of Baltimore, Inc.

invites you to the

Workshop Series on the Spiritist Thought

Hopes and Solaces
"When a person becomes spiritually minded, she raises herself above the illusory wants created by material
desires; and she experiences, even on this earthly plane, the enjoyments the materially minded person cannot
conceive of."
This workshop will shed light on the topics:
-Present and Past Cause of Sufferings
-Earthly joys and sorrows
-Antipathetic Unions, fear of love, disappointments, ingratitue, loss of loved ones
-Future Joys and Sorrows
-Neurobiology of Optimism and Homeopathic Psychology
Saturday,  December 13, 2003  --  7:30 - 9:00 PM
Ruscombe Mansion Community Health Center
4801 Yellowood Avenue -
Baltimore, MD 21209

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The Spiritist Society of Baltimore is an educational non-profit organization and
our goals are the education and the instruction of all those who have interest in learning
and practicing the Spiritist Thought.