Fundraising Event
                                   You are invited to the


Delicious organic and healthy food!

Bring your family and friends for a wonderful day!

When:   Sunday, November 21th  (12PM - 3PM)
Price:    $10.00
Where: Ruscombe Mansion Community Health Center
4801 Yellowwood Avenue - Baltimore,  MD 21209


For more information:
(410) 382-5328 or (443) 540-0442
This is a fundraising event
sponsored by
Spiritist Society of Baltimore, Inc.
Whole Foods Market
This event is a part of the new campaign launched by SSB: I love myself, I am drug-free. The SSB has a broader definition of what is a
Drug. It encompasses anything that can harm either our physical body (chemical substances, junk food, etc) or our spiritual body
(selfishness, anger, pride, gossip, hatred, etc).
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