The SSB is happy to announce the release of its newest material in collaboration with Prof. Raul Teixeira:
UNFOLDING OUR SPIRITUAL NATURE: Path of Harmony  - CD  Sample - mp3
Unfolding our Spiritual Nature: Path of Harmony

This seminar was held at the University of Maryland, School of Medicine Auditorium on August 8th, 2004, in the city of
Baltimore, Maryland - USA. This inspirational event was sponsored by the Spiritist Society of Baltimore.

The seminar was brightly conducted by Prof. Dr. Raul Teixeira. He spoke in his native language, Portuguese. Simultaneous
professional interpretation  into English was also provided.

Raul Teixeira is professor of Physics and also holds a PhD in Education. He has dedicated his life to the dissemination of
Spiritism. Prof. Raul Teixeira became one of the greatest names behind the Spiritist Thought in the world today. Prof.
Teixeira has spoken in more than 35 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. All of his lectures are free of
charge. He has a friendly and effective communication style that explains the Spiritist Thought with simplicity and clarity.
Throughout his life, he has been inspired by the spirits Camilo, Hans Swigg, Ivan de Albuquerque, Joanes, Sebastião Lasneau,
Rosangela Lima.

He mediumistically wrote and published more than 28 Spiritist books. He continues to produce many mediumistic works
through automatic writing.

In 1988, Prof. Teixeira founded “Remanso Fraterno” (Fraternal Retreat), a non-profit organization that provides basic care
and education to at-risk children and youth in the city of Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.